Agreements must be drafted with care in order to satisfy the specific needs for which they are intended. Agreements allow the parties to determine their respective obligations, facilitating the procurement of evidence. Being confronted to several types of transactions, it is essential to display creativity while drafting specific clauses.

The analysis, negotiation and drafting of various agreements related to the corporation/company are vital elements of good business practices. Whether it is with a subcontractor, customer, supplier, franchisor, or even an employee, the corporation/company must understand the specific rules governing certain types of agreements, while facilitating the negotiations and avoiding bad decisions for optimal protection.

How we can help?

The following are several examples of agreements that we’ve had the privilege of analyzing, negotiating and/or drafting at the request of our diverse clientele:

  • -service agreement
  • -sales agreement
  • -commercial lease
  • -distribution agreement
  • -supply agreement
  • -employment agreement
  • -license and franchise agreement for franchisor and/or franchisee
  • -rollover of asset or shares agreement
  • -purchase or sale of business agreement
  • -amalgamation/merger agreement
  • -shareholder agreement
  • -shares subscription agreement
  • -debenture, convertible loan and other financial instruments
  • -confidentiality agreement
  • -voting agreement