The first step in beginning your corporate venture is to incorporate your business. It is crucial to structure the corporation/company on solid ground to adequately reflect its business needs, particularly in terms of its share structure configuration to ensure successful growth. In addition to being a legal requirement, it is fundamental to accurately preserve your corporate books and records to reflect the decisions taken by the directors and shareholders throughout the evolution of your business.

How we can help?

It would be our pleasure to assist and mediate a shareholders meeting with the aim to establish mechanisms that address particular events namely deadlocks and disputes between shareholders or the withdrawal, disability or even the death of a shareholder. Through a shareholder agreement, we could institute the governing rules of the corporation as well as restrict or limit the powers of the board of directors or even transfer some of those responsibilities to the shareholders.

Having advised and guided hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses, we fully understand the many complex stages of business development and we look forward to turning an initial meeting into a long term relationship.