Most corporate organizations must be orchestrated in parallel with the accounting and/or tax specialist. The documentation reflecting the organization is often the result of a preliminary analysis of the tax and fiscal consequences of commercial and corporate transactions to be executed. Being proficient in our respective professions, a synergy is essential between the various professionals for an optimum protection ultimately benefitting the client. We ably facilitate effective communication with the professional accountants/tax specialists of your business.

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A rollover, a reorganization of capital, a freeze, an exchange, a purchase or a redemption of shares by the corporation/company, a dividend declaration, an amalgamation/merger or even a liquidation and dissolution are examples of transactions requiring a close collaboration between the legal and the tax advisors.

Whether you are selling assets or transferring securities, such transactions are subject to multiple regulations, which, if neglected, may be detrimental to all parties involved. Tax implications, prospectus exemptions and transfer restrictions are only some of the many elements to be taken into consideration.