Sandrine Dupont

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Sandrine Dupont


Sandrine completed her law degree at the University of Ottawa in 2018 and has been practicing business law since being called to the Québec Bar in 2019.

Throughout her time at law school, Sandrine combined her exceptional management skills with her legal knowledge by being in charge of the Faculty of Law Bookstore, where she implemented a partnership with publishing houses to make law school accessible to international students.

Sandrine also has legal experience at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office where she worked for more than 5 years. Her academic and professional trajectory has allowed her to take up challenges in civil law, intellectual property, and real estate law. Her expertise and distinctive set of business skills allow her to offer entrepreneurs and self-employed workers portfolios of solutions adapted to support their ambitions. Sandrine will work tirelessly to implement your vision by offering a unique approach combining prudence, foresight and preparation for success.