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Who is
Robinson Business Law?

As the leading boutique business law firm serving the National Capital Region, our team at Robinson Business Law are the go-to lawyers for any and all corporate and business legal services throughout the region and beyond.

Founded by Bryan Robinson, our  firm works tirelessly to provide high-quality legal services combined with a flexible and tailored approach designed to suit the needs of all businesses, from small startups to bigger and well established corporations. Whether you are a startup, a growing business, a large corporation, or an individual doing business, we provide strategic legal solutions to suit all your business needs.

Our mission is to help steer your business towards success by becoming an integrated asset of your team and a strategic partner for your growth – find out how we can help achieve your goals together.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Our team of passionate legal professionals focus their efforts on educating and guiding businesses through the following processes.

Our Unique Approach


It’s no secret that startups face significant challenges during the early days of business. But with our team of experienced and focused business lawyers by your side, you don’t need to navigate these challenges alone – or even face them at all.

We will help guide you towards success by putting in place the appropriate structure specific to your needs so that we can build a solid foundation for your business, together.


Corporate Transactions

No matter the size or complexity of your corporate transaction, our team can provide clarity and ensure the various required steps are processed smoothly. We help guide and advise business management teams of all sizes on various types of transactional issues, from incorporation to private equity and even intellectual property matters.


A Personalized, Tailored Approach

At Robinson Business Law, we understand the complexities of running a business. Which is why our boutique law firm offers personalized services and coaching tailored to your specific needs. We have accompanied hundreds of businesses from their earliest beginnings towards massive growth and financial success. Let us be a part of your success story.


New Markets/Expansion

Is your corporation looking to expand or acquire new markets? These plans require both long-term planning and the involvement of several different resources such as tax, financial, and legal assistance. At Robinson, we have the passion, resources, and expertise needed to help guide you through this process while working together as a team with all relevant parties.


Corporate Counsel

We pride our self on being an integrated part of our client’s business and team, acting as their corporate counsel for all their business matters and supporting the growth of their business.

Frequently Asked Questions

A boutique law firm is a small collection of lawyers focusing on a niche area of law practice. In our case, we solely practice business and corporate law and work primarily with startups and larger corporations.

We primarily work with startups and larger corporations, but are equipped to deal with companies of all sizes. Contact our team to learn more about how we can assist your business.

While many of our clients come to us for one-time services, our goal is to form long-term relationships that allow us to guide them through various stages of growth. Our mission is to be a part of your success throughout every stage of your corporate venture.

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